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Our mission is to empower Black and Latinx students, ages 4-11 to see and use science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) as a means of liberation.

The Need

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In 2016, 1% of AP Computer Science test takers in California were Black.

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Likelihood of 4th Grade Students having Hands-on Science Activities, Lowest Poverty Areas v. Highest Poverty Areas


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Research shows that technology-based learning is most effective for children in preschool and early elementary school.

Our Roots 

At STEM to the Future we believe in developing our students' 21st century skills through project-based learning, coding, programming, and guest speakers. 


21st century skills 

Our programming prioritizes skills  such as communication, citizenship, empathy, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving. We are dedicated to providing our students with an experience that prepares them to reach their full potential in the digital age. 




Coding and Programming 

Our beginner coders will develop a foundational understanding of coding concepts through unplugged activities, games, and coding challenges! 


Project-based learning 

We are preparing our students to meet the twenty-first century by developing their problem solving, collaboration, planning, and organization skills. We prioritize learning how to use human centered solution to work through projects that are aligned to real world problems. 




Learning from the experts

Guest speakers with a background in STEAM will act as role models and engage our students in a dialogue about themselves and their career. 




Quote from Principal NOrman after our Design thinking day at barack obama charter school

Thank you so much for coming out today and doing Design Day. The kids that participated were really pleased with it. We would love for you guys to come back. I think it's important for our kids to see black men in positions that involve science, so if we can get more kids involved that would be awesome.



STTF Featured in Medium

Jacob and Bentley caught up with Bryan Kitch at Upmetrics to highlight the work of STEM to the Future and discuss the importance of 21st century learning. You can find the piece here,

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