ICEF: Inglewood Elementary

A few data points from our 8 week extended learning pilot.

Coding skills

  • With no prior coding experience, 100% of students were able to read, write, and debug up to 15 lines of code.
  • 90% students were able use to code create their own story that included two characters, a beginning middle, and end


  • We met our demand of having at least 25 families enroll their students in the pilot 
  • On average 90% scored 4 out of 5 on our engagement rubric. 

Barack Obama Charter School

Data points from a 2 hour pop-up experience.


Design thinking

  • 83% of students were able to pitch a prototype that addressed the needs of the problem they were trying to solve.
  • 100% of students were able to complete all phases of the design thinking process.


  • 92% of students were able to communicate, compromise, and come to consensus when developing their design.
  • 75% of students were able to provide feedback to their peers without prompting.