South LA students in grades K-5 need a way to learn math and science in an engaging and liberatory way. STEM to the Future does this by providing an extracurricular service that uses coding, programming, project-based learning, and guest speakers.


For a myriad of reasons Black and Latinx students are currently leaving high school highly unprepared to enter the STEM workforce, which is growing at an exponential rate. The lack of access to engaging and quality STEM project-based learning is preventing students from developing technical and interpersonal skills necessary in the digital age of the 21st century. 


 of STEM Bachelor's degrees were received by Black and Latinx students.  

8.6 million

STEM jobs will be available in the United States by 2018 


of AP Computer Science test takers in California were Black in 2016 




In partnership with community members and stakeholders in South LA, we are looking to re-imagine the ways students are experiencing math and science.


Coding & Programming

Our beginner coders will develop a foundational understanding of coding concepts through unplugged activities, games, and coding challenges! 

Learn from the Experts 

Guest speakers with a background in STEM will act as role models and engage our students in a dialogue about themselves and their career.  

Project-Based Learning 

By implementing PBL, we are preparing our students to meet the twenty-first century by developing their problem solving, collaboration, planning, and organization skills. 


                                    Co-Founders Jacob Adams and Bentley Kapten   

                                    Co-Founders Jacob Adams and Bentley Kapten



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