Our after-school program integrates project-based learning, mentors, and social-emotional learning to provide a holistic experience for our students. 




Four days a week, students will engage in project-based learning experiences with a focus on computer science, engineering, and robotics. These engaging and hands-on lessons will further develop students, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills. 




College mentors  will act as role models, active listeners, give advice, and support students. Given the lack of representation in STEM, it is imperative that students have role models that provide social support and affirm their identities by providing examples of Black and Latinx students in STEM. 


Social-emotional learning 

Students should be equipped with both the academic and social skills necessary to be successful. Students will be taught social emotional skills and behaviors that will lead to positive social behaviors, enhance self-confidence, increase problem solving skills, and improved academic performance.